Are you sick of looking at an outdated MT4 platform? Do you feel limited by what online social trading platforms like TradingView have to offer? Have you outgrown your brokers proprietary platform? If the answer to those questions is yes, then it may be worth testing out the cTrader platform.,For those who haven’t heard of cTrader before, it is the challenger platform solution for Forex and CFD trading developed by Spotware. The platform, like most others, is available across all devices and operating systems, including the web. In addition, it gives you full charting capabilities, easy to use interface, economic calendar information that you would expect from a trading platform in 2022.,What sets cTrader apart from the competition is its copy trade options, cTrader automate algorithmic solution and its FIX API connection. The latter feature, when combined with a true ECN broker, truly gives you unparalleled direct access to full depth and breadth of the Forex and CFD markets when you trade. This includes level 2 pricing to get true insight into what buyers and sellers are doing.,For those with little time to track financial markets developments, come up with trading strategies of their own, or just don’t have the time to trade manually, cTrader copy trade functionality provides the perfect solution. The platform provides hundreds of trading strategies to follow and detailed statistics around their performance. Plus, you get to choose the risk level you want to take with equity stop losses.,If developing your own trading algorithms is your focus, then cTrader Automate is a great solution. You can develop algorithms straight on the cTrader platform as well as test and optimise them. What’s more, cTrader Automate works with the C# programming language. There is no need to learn platform specific languages skills as you do with MT4’s MQL4, which has no practical use elsewhere.,In my next article, I will discuss one of my favourite benefits of cTrader, the ability to track your trading performance without having to use external software like myFXBook or FXBlue. Traders commonly overlook the need to understand their performance statistics. Yet performance tracking is critical to fine tuning your trading performance.

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