What is a Structured Settlement Annuity?,A structured settlement annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company to fund the payment of damages for personal injury over a period of time. It is sometimes referred to as an insurance settlement.,It guarantees you or, in the event of your death, your beneficiary a tax-free payment or a series of payments over a fixed period of time. In some cases, the payments are life contingent meaning they are only paid during your lifetime.,Most structured settlements are the result of a lawsuit.,Structured Settlement Annuity,Can You Sell Just Some of Your Structured Settlement Payments or Do You Have to Sell Them All?,You can sell some or all or just a portion of your payments. You decide what is best for your financial needs.,If you only sell only a portion of your payments your insurance company will continue to pay the unsold portion to you as and when they are due.,Once You Accept an Offer, What Are the Steps Involved to Complete Your Sale Transaction, and How Long Does It Take to Get Paid?,At SELLMYSTRUSTUREDSETTLEMENT.ORG we understand that your financial goals depend on completing your sale transaction and getting paid in the fastest time permitted by law.,Once you have accepted an offer and confirm that you want to proceed with the sale we start the sale process as follows:,First Contact: Within 2 hours of contacting us you will receive our guaranteed price quote. At that time our customer service expert will inform you of the transfer and sale process.,Legal Documents: Within 24 hours- you will receive your legal documents from us by FedEx in as little as 1 hour if you choose to receive them by email or fax.,Court Process: Within 30 days- We will complete the mandatory court process as soon as legally permitted. This could mean as little as 30 days depending on the State.,Immediate Access to your Money- you get paid your money by direct wire transfer of immediately available funds into a bank account of your choice immediately upon completion of the legal process.,Expected Closing: From price quote to funding the entire transfer process can take as little as 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the state in which you reside.

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