You may be on a roller coaster with your money one day you have and another day all is gone.,You have been creating this cycle and you do not know why or how come this has been a part of your life since childhood.,Do you know what is your financial comfort,Financial comfort is what you may say to yourself, “I allow myself to have more” and yet when you think about how much you feel good about having each month you may realize that there is an amount that you feel comfortable with and no more.,Feelings about having more,If you would earn or be given an extra amount that you are not accustom to having each month you will do your best to get rid of it or spend it on something you do not necessarily need as fast as it came in because you do not feel good about it because it passes your quota of comfort for the month.,Pay off,Having a stable income instead of a roller coaster maybe what you think you want yet you are attracting a roller coaster income and it is for you to take a look at the emotional pay off you are getting with these difficulties.,What does that mean you ask, it means that you may get more attention, more support, others feeling sorry for you or you may notice other words coming from inside you such would be ” I can’t depend on no one, people always let you down when you need help the most.”,Beliefs as truth,The thoughts that you think are holding you back and creating this pattern and when you choose to hold these beliefs as truths you stop yourself from breaking the pattern and getting what you want.,Thinking positive,Deciding to think positive hoping you will convince yourself and change you is not enough to get what you want, it will not work.,You need to act, think and feel with your senses to help to make whatever you want a reality.,Changing the habits,Changing the habits that you have been accustoming to each week or months will take some time because you only know this way of being.,The fear of changing your habits and creating a new identity is very difficult because you may resist change for it feel insecure and yet this is what you need to bring about new streams of income.,You may have some habits that seems normal to you because of how often you have been doing it that does not mean it is good for you although you have been doing it such as eating junk food three times a day is not good for you but may create this as a habit.,Becoming conscious of your pattern,You are the person who is helping to create the roller coaster with your finance and when you take the time to start looking at how much money is coming in and how much is going out you will see a pattern of your spending habits.,Conclusion : Changing the roller coaster habits and attract a stable income can be achieve because you are the attractor to want you want in your life.

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