In today’s economy, many people are in search of extra income to bring to the table for their families in order to keep up with skyrocketing costs of keeping a family going. Some people have lost jobs, some have lost extra income, and some just require more income for the lifestyle they would like to live.,For a second source of income, or even a primary source, many people look to an internet based business opportunity. People look at internet possibilities for many reasons. Maybe they are tired of working two to three jobs to make ends meet. Maybe they desire to go beyond and be able to afford things only the wealthy can afford. Others desire an internet based business simply because they can work out of the comfort of their own home without running the 9-5 rat race.,There are literally thousands of internet jobs out there to choose from, many of those born overnight. Of course, a lot of these programs are not legitimate and millions of dreams have been crushed because of failure of these programs. Some are scams but there are also some legitimate ones out there; a person just needs to know where to look and what to look at. .,One great way to create wealth is to be at the front of an emerging trend. In today’s market a great emerging trend seems to be products offering personal development and prosperity tools. That is where I came across a great program called is Life Path Unlimited Life Path Unlimited is dedicated to helping people make the most of their circumstances, and going out and finding your source of happiness and wealth. The program focuses on 6 different areas that show you how to unlock secrets of prosperity and success, inspires you to unlock the unlimited possibilities you have awaiting you, teach you personal development, and bring discovery to life and promote a culture of abundance.,This program focuses on sales of their self help programs and includes various levels that you can climb in order to gain unlimited income. The investment is minimal as an individual may enroll as a LifePath Unlimited Associate by purchasing the Awakening Getting Started Kit for $97. No product purchase is required to become an Associate. Associate privileges include: a six month distributor license, access to community training calls and mentor sessions, a LifePath Unlimited replicated website, and back office system.,At $97.00 and to be in a market at the top of the emerging trend are two reasons you cannot really pass up this offer.

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