America plus the planet at large are headed,for an inescapable meltdown. If you glance through the evidence, you will see that the debt based economy that we endure is the root of many of the monetary woes going on right now. I often speak with friends and peers about where to purchase gold coins or where to locate bullion. Isn’t this market closed to most of the people? Can the average man bail out whatever is left of his worth?,It has been about twenty years since the release of the legendary documentary,,”The Money Masters”. I have yet to see a movie that can better describe how modern banking works or how the exact same industry controls our lives. Unfortunately, the picture wasn’t widely publicized nor was it that simple to watch. The running time for this epic motion picture was over three hours and the specifics were unceasingly presented. I did not know lots of people who could get through the whole film in a single sitting. Therefore, I will give the main points in a small number of sentences.,Fractional reserve banking is the tactic by which all,current financial institutions lend and make,investments. In a nutshell, financial institutions seize the paper you call money and then start loaning out ten times that quantity. They then can amass massive amounts of compounded interest on said money. There is no limit to the,quantities of manufactured debt that can accumulate. All financial systems are standing upon such a,foundation and our present condition is just part of,the offspring. So we’re being “loaned” “money” by institutions who do not have the cash to begin with. They then get to charge outlandish interest on this exact,same funny money.,It is,really a marvel how the American people have entirely,let this go on unregulated. Your,conjecture is as good as the next as to the causes. Built upon this evidence, any person with enough intelligence and remarkable legal counsel can render all of their loans null and void. It has,happened in recent years. The magical spindoctors of television and print won’t ever hand over their loyalties and advertise this kind of heresy.,Rather than ramble on about world bank cabals and appear like a paranoid android I will state that rather than trying to understand the system you must shortcut around it. All through the ages, gold has been the money of preference for all cultures who use a non barter system. Only the most primitive of peoples will not understand our infatuation with the soft golden metal. Investigate this obvious fact for,yourself. Take notice citizens, I am not talking about investing on the stock exchange in the commodities gambling game. I am talking about discovering where to purchase gold coins or bullion and also have it stored for you in safe deposit stores. Check this out, it is basically illegal for you to keep bullion in your house and virtually no way for you trade with it. Thankfully, gold coins and jewelry remains to be a viable option. You could transfer your whole savings into coins and chains. Then you would have to hire full time protection.,What is the solution, then? Check out the Bullion Vault to begin with. There is also the Aocs currency exchange for direct ordering. Don’t let someone tell you that real money cannot be used anymore. There many places who will recognize real,currency, particularly in light of our existing state of affairs. Hope really is available if you are looking to find it.,Look at people like Lew Rockwell, as well as the Market,Oracle to acquire useful information regarding the financial truths of this world. By all means you must check out the landmark book: “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Before you let anyone convince you of anything, be convinced that,precious metal will be the preferred currency in times of utter panic.,The market,value may drop from time to time, but it will be worth something. Besides, the only times when gold does drop is when the bankers allow some small amount of control in the interest system. Will this be likely to occur in our futures, I actually don’t think so. I truly believe that if an individual tries to steer you from saving in the gold market,,then they are just attempting to keep more for themselves.,Do your own research but I assure you that if you care about your retirement or,your nest eggs, then do something now. It is easy to take a look at,the mass of blogs in existence to gain the,average man’s opinion but open your eyes before the entire thing melts down and a new fractional reserve cycle based upon a world bank begins. Am I scaring you, I hope so. If not, I’ll leave you with a chilling quotation from the father of modern banking, Lord Rothschild himself famously stated: “Give me the control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who sits on its thrown.”

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