Nearly everyone wants to get rich, to have abundance, to enjoy prosperity in their lives.,There are only a few basic steps you have to take in order to get whatever riches you want in your life:,There are a few classics like Napoleon Hill’s and Wallace Wattles’ books which tell you everything you need to know about getting rich. While there are a few modern details to updates on such as Robert Kiyosaki’s texts, most of the learning you need to do are in the basics of getting rich.,It’s not just reading these books once, but reviewing and studying them over and over so you have these principles known cold and intuitively available. Collect new books and tapes as you need them, so that you are constantly involved in learning your craft. Surround yourself with experts.,Work out how to apply all these data in your life with every new day. See what works for you and what doesn’t, what needs to be adapted to your situation. Always study life itself to see what lessons you can learn from the opportunities which present themselves to you.,This principle comes from one of the oldest surviving philosophies on this planet: “There are no limits.” Which not only means that you can’t be limited in anything you want to accomplish, attain or acquire, but also that all you do affects someone else. This is the basis for the Golden Rule, in fact. Whatever you do comes back to you. You can’t get without giving. So give your best to everyone at all times. Help others become rich in their own lives in order to become rich in yours.,There is much to gain by following someone else and learning by their example. If you don’t know everything, then give value by backing someone else up who is also going your way. Millionaires make more millionaires as they make their own path. Leaders train leaders – at least those open to learning.,But also be willing to learn from those in seemingly disrelated fields. Study their actions and see if they can be applied in your own life-path. Do what you can to help everyone around you become successful, even if it might not have anything to do with you directly.,You need to know how a scam is constructed in order to avoid being a victim of one and so you don’t inadvertently create one. It’s not just because it’s on the Internet that makes a scam. Three authors to study: Abraham Maslow, Robert Cialdini, Lester Levenson. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows what you and your clients want most in life. Cialdini’s 6 principles tell the key buttons which are pushed in our subsconscious to get us to act or buy. Levenson’s methods to handle our 3 underlying desires defuse those buttons permanently.,Through this, you can evaluate your product or service for the inherent value that it contains. You can see whether what you are doing is going to help others around you to improve their own lives. In doing this, you will see what the real riches in life are and how to get them.,While this is a very short-handed account of the actions you will need to take to acquire what you want, the references and authors listed will also help you develop the necessary character to live a rich, prosperous, and abundant life.,Good Hunting!

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