Most people toil everyday for reasons beyond their own satisfaction. People are often working for the next generation as well; that is for their children and grand children. This is informed by the rationale that most people would like their children to have a better life than they had. This would involve provision of things that you never had when you were young or even a trip to a place they have never been before. Simply put, many people live their lives pursuit of their own happiness as well as the happiness of others.,With the challenge of great wealth, there are a number of issues that must be addressed. The single greatest challenge in dealing with wealth is that of inheritance. This is such a sensitive matter and in the event that it is not handled with care, can lead to legal tussles or even loss of life. The latter is a common scenario in third world countries where the concept of inheritance is engraved in the very fabric of culture. The division or handing down of wealth is a critical factor that must be looked into to avoid any conflict in the future.,To address this inheritance of wealth issues, there are several approaches that you can take. One of the most reliable ways of sorting out this issue is by writing a will. This is an important document that expresses the will of the owner of the property in the event of his/.her untimely death. You can also chose to ignore any form of formal instruction on how your wealth is going to be shared out after you have passed away. The results can be disastrous. The situation is even more desperate where this inheritance is perceived by the would-be recipients as a timely windfall. Whatever choice you make, make sure it clearly states instructions on how your property and life’s earnings will be used.,There are several things that one has to take into account when planning an estate. One such factor is the element of wills. A durable will for example is important because it goes into the details of who is going to get what and the kind of authority they will have over other aspects of the estate. One may also look into the issue of a trust. This is simply an organization that takes on the responsibility of dividing the property to the family and other rightful heirs. The setting up of a trust also wards off the possibility of a legal battle later on in the process.,One may also want to look into a DNR order. DNR stands for do not resuscitate. This order plainly says that if the patient succumbs to some illness, the doctor in-charge should make no attempt to resuscitate. While planning an estate, it is important to give directive on who has the powers of attorney in the event that you are incapacitated. All these are considerations that should be looked into while planning an estate in order to ensure, not just a prosperous today, but a prosperous tomorrow as well.

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