Are you currently in debt? Do not for a second think you are alone because the average American is in more debt than ever in history. Why is the economy the way it is right now? The average American has about 6.5 credit cards on average with the average household using about 14 credit cards. Record breaking bankruptcies are occurring more often than we’d like, debt for credit cards and loans are topping $1.8 trillion while mortgage debt is topping $6.7 trillion.,20 years ago, bill collectors were out collecting about $73 billion in overdue debt. This year, bill collectors are going for more than $2 trillion!,There is a very good chance that you have at least one credit card in your wallet right now. The decision to take control of your credit can mean the difference between having a no interest car loan for 5 years or having a high interest car loan that you will be stuck with for the rest of your life!,There are some key factors to determine if you are in trouble with your debt and also some solutions to help out.,You pay with your card at places where you used to pay with cash for things like groceries or food:,You put off paying your utility bills and other necessities to pay off high credit card debt:,As long as they get their money, your debt won’t go to collectors and everybody is happy. Always call your credit card companies, they will do their best to help! If you call and the first person doesn’t help you, call them again! I guarantee somebody will!

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