Retirement is an exciting time in life. It’s something that many people look forward to; awaiting the day they no longer have to work for years before it finally gets here. Sharing your retirement sentiments will mean a lot to the person who is retiring, especially if you express them in the form of a greeting card or a handwritten letter.,So what kind of sentiments should you share with the retiree? Many times it is nice to cite personal experiences you’ve shared or enjoyed in working with the person or knowing the person who is retiring. If a family member is retiring, it would be very appropriate to tell them how much you love them and also mention that you are proud of all their accomplishments. If your friend is retiring, you can welcome him or her to the club if you’ve already retired. If you haven’t yet retired, you can congratulate your friend and say how you can’t wait to join them.,Sample Sentiments for Retirees,If someone you know is retiring, be sure to express how you feel about them and their accomplishments. You can share thoughtful, heartfelt feelings about their retirement and their exciting future ahead. Consider some of these sample retirement sentiments to share:,• Congratulations! You’ve worked hard and you’ve finally made it!,• We’re so proud of all you’ve done, of your accomplishments, and the lives you’ve touched.,• We love you! You are an inspiration to us all.,• Wishing you the best in all that is to come.,• Best wishes for a relaxing and happy future.,• No more work? Oh happy day! Enjoy the good life.,Expressing Your Congratulations,You can also express your heartfelt appreciation and congratulations in person. If you are attending a retirement party for the new retiree, be sure to steal some personal time to let them know how you feel. If you won’t be seeing the person close to their retirement, a simple phone call can thoughtfully convey that you’re thinking about them and you’re proud of their accomplishments.,If one of your parents or grandparents is retiring, a special retirement party or a dinner with the whole family may be a great way to celebrate and express your sentiments on the experience. Cards and retirement gifts will also be appreciated, but an expression of your love and appreciation is sure to be the most cherished gift of all.

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