Retirement is something that many hardworking people are anticipating as they reach the twilight years. Some may anticipate it with excitement or some may dread it the nearer it comes. It all depends on how people prepare for their retirement that will form their own outlook about this always interesting subject.,The thing is some people simply dread retirement because they feel that they are quite unprepared for it. Facing a time when they will no longer work and yet may require some form of income would truly be something to worry about. Incoming retirees may find themselves in this predicament because they may have committed one or more of the most common retirement mistakes. Here are some of them:,Preparing Too Late,Many people make the mistake of preparing for their retirement quite later in their lives. People will only think of retirement once they find it is about a couple of years away. This can be a very grave mistake. Good retirement preparation starts early.,The mistake that people make is that they only begin to save up for their retirement the clearer they see it coming. Those who have experienced the most comfortable retirement are those who usually start saving their retirement funds while in their twenties. They also have the option of saving up little by little over time instead of saving up large amounts in a short time which can be quite difficult to do and usually ends in disaster.,Not Investing During Retirement,Another common mistake that retirees make is that they fail to make their money further work for them once they retire. Just because they are retired doesn’t usually mean that they should also stop investing their retirement fund. Inflation and other economic indicators may affect the fund which can sometimes eat away at its value. Retirees should try to set aside a certain amount that they can continue to invest and add into their future fund.,Not Diversifying Investments,Putting a retirement fund in just a single investment can mean either of two things- it can provide quite a profit or loss. It is a single risk that should not be attempted if one does not want to lose it all in an instant.

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