Have you ever wondered why you are here? If you are like most people, you may spend an entire lifetime trying to figure out what your purpose in life is. Many of us want the same things, but in very general terms. You can unlock hidden wealth secrets by figuring out what your mission in life truly is.,Few things motivate us more than the feeling of satisfaction that comes from doing something we are passionate about. When we accomplish something, no matter how small, we get an instant boost in self-esteem, which usually results in our desire to repeat that success and enjoy the feeling again.,This is sort of a self-perpetuating cycle in which we do something that we enjoy, we are pleased by the results, and it motivates us to repeat the process as many times as possible. Some of our pursuits end up being our life missions.,When you think of life missions, most of us may view them as a very grand, long-range plan for our life—our life’s work, so to speak. If we could consciously plan daily, monthly or annual action steps toward our life missions, we could then easily identify whether we are operating toward our long-range goal.,One way to help identify our life mission is to think of it in terms of what we want to be remembered for. Ghandi wanted to be remembered for leading a nation toward peace. Martin Luther King wanted to serve his nation and his people by ending racism. Albert Einstein wanted to change the way people thought.,To take it a step further, maybe you could consider what your eulogy would sound like. You could think of life missions as the inscription on your headstone (metaphorically speaking of course). Once you have gotten an idea of what you would like your life mission to be, write it down.,Now, take a look at the mission, and come up with three things you can do every day, month and year to further your cause. Now you have documented action items to accomplish every day. If you are able to meet your daily, monthly and annual goals, you have begun to live in your life’s mission. You can now relate your life’s mission to the accomplishment cycle we discussed earlier.,You identified your life’s work, and implemented a plan to carry it out. You work in your plan by doing daily, monthly and yearly actionable items that further propel you toward accomplishing your life’s mission. The satisfaction derived from this cycle compels you to do more and find other hidden gems inside you.,It should be obvious to you that by doing something you enjoy, the pleasure you get from accomplishing things knows no boundaries. If you conceptualize it, think of your goals as action items, and then take action, you will succeed. Take action. Live in your purpose, and learn that a life’s mission can be accomplished on a daily basis.

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