Unless you have been living like a hermit in a cave somewhere for the last few years, you know what kind of shape the US economy is currently in. Unemployment is sitting at nearly 10%, the stock market has become a volatile mess, and the economic recovery has almost come to a standstill. Additionally, businesses are failing at a greater rate than ever before and millions of homeowners are in foreclosure and losing their homes. Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it?,Despite all of the above, there is something that the controllers of the US economy as well as the media do not want you to know and are going to great lengths to keep you in the dark about the issue. Right now as you are reading this article, you are unaware of the fact that there is a conspiracy against your money. What is going on? What do you mean by a “conspiracy against my money?” There is a transfer of wealth going on as we speak that is the largest of its kind in history.,The harsh reality is that the majority of the world’s people will never know about this and may never be able to do anything about it. While you are working or home playing with the kids and even when you sleep, huge amounts of money is passing hands and some of it may be yours. Here’s a shocking fact. Within the next 5 to 10 years, this amount of money that is going to change hands on a global scale is going to exceed $50 trillion. The US is nearly $100 trillion in debt since the stock market nearly imploded in 2008 and it will require a 70% tax rate increase just to pay off the interest on that huge debt.,As it currently stands, the only two possible solutions will not benefit the consumer. Either the US dollar gets devalued which will cause significant inflation or that huge debt goes into default. When you understand the creation of the largest “cartel” that independently ran the banking system free from government control – namely the Federal Reserve – this will probably make more sense to you. Due to the collapse of the economy in the last couple of years, the federal reserve is orchestrating the creation of huge amounts of printed dollars to pay its overwhelming debt load.,As a result of this, the consumer has been crippled by the credit crunch and the runaway debt we are being subjected to.

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