I am sure most of you who have a regular nine to five job are getting tired of it, and at some point in time, want to set up your own home business to make more money. There are so many home business ideas, so let me take you through the options here.,What are the advantages of having a home based business?,First, you have the freedom in terms of deciding how many hours you want to work and when you want to work. You may be putting in less hours than a regular job because you are putting in quality time, so your rewards can be more than a regular job. This allows you to spend more time with you family and friends.,Secondly, a home based business allows you to cut down on heavy overhead costs such as shop rent, staff salary, and so on. This increases your chance of succeeding many times over compared to setting up a traditional bricks and mortar shop or office.,What are the options for a home based business?,If your interest lies in food, suitable home based business include baking cakes for corporate functions or weddings, or catering lunch or dinner for the busy working professionals in your area. You may have a recipe for a cake passed down from your grandmother, which is a hot favourite among your relatives. Consider taking this commercial to make money.,If you are good with your hands, you can consider making simple crafts or starting a tailoring or alteration business from home. What you need to start off your home based tailoring business is just a sewing machine and supplies including fabric, buttons, thread and so forth. If your passion is cross stitching, you can take orders from acquaintances and cross stitch the design they want for them.,Other home based business are service based. If you are good with numbers and meticulous, you can get work from an accounting firm to do accounts from home. Or you can be the concierge for some luxury apartments in your area. Other types of services you may offer include translating or writing jobs, plumbing jobs, cleaning jobs and so forth.,The above home based business ideas may generate you some extra cash, but will take a great deal of effort on your time to make a lot of money. As such I highly recommend the next home based business idea I have for you, which is internet marketing.,Internet marketing only requires a personal computer and wireless access. Unlike the traditional business ideas above, you can leverage on other people’s efforts to augment your income. What I am referring to is affiliate marketing, whereby you get paid commission for recommending affiliate products and services to your list of subscribers. You get paid as much as 40 percent to 70 percent commission for sales, and you do not even need to spend time and money on research and development of your own product!

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