Social bookmarking is one of the easiest ways to promote your business online without having to spend money on advertising. Yes, it may take a little bit of your time but it can be well worth your efforts particularly if you are a small business owner with a limited advertising budget.,How to use social bookmarking to generate traffic does not require you to be an information technology expert. The very first step that you have to take is to register with the major bookmarking sites – there are hundreds of bookmarking sites out there, and you want to belong to the sites that have been proven to be effective in generating traffic for websites. Familiarize how the services work, so that you can make the most out of them.,Update your profile. Since this is a social bookmarking site, it would actually be helpful if you have set up your profile accordingly so that all information you place in your social bookmarking profile would be clear enough for the readers and that it may look or sound professional leaving an impression that you’re serious with your craft. Some may even say that your profile is the mirror of yourself in this cyber world and that it can make or break your bookmarking efforts.,Submit At The Appropriate Category. Be sure to place your bookmarks at the right category. One reason why people fail with a simple social bookmarking is that they don’t give a damn if they submitted their link to the proper section or not. Some bookmarking sites are even strict with this and they either delete the link if it was submitted to the wrong directory or, worse, ban the account. That wouldn’t be nice for your work from home. However, in the event that you can’t find the right category for the site you want to bookmark, you can contact the technical support of the said bookmarking site and suggest a category or you can just place it in Others, Miscellaneous or General provided they have those categories in the site.,Create Interesting Headlines. If placing your link at the right category is that important, then the titles or headlines you create is as vital. Most articles and links are disregarded easily because their headlines are either boring, inappropriate or just plain confusing. The title is the first thing that readers notice. If it’s not that catchy enough, then there’s minimal chance you’ll get a decent traffic for your site or work from home.,Give A Brief Yet Significant Description For Your Link. Your priority shouldn’t stop at providing an interesting headline. The description is just as important as the headline. If possible, write a short but catchy description. Avoid making up the facts just to get some attention because that will bite you back in the long run which might jeopardize your reputation in the social bookmarking site. We all know that people often hate to read lengthy descriptions so it’s best if you go straight to the point.,Participate in social bookmarking activities. Add friends, comment and vote on the users’ submissions, and join forums and discussions. Bookmark other sites, too. Showing the people in the community that you are interested in its happenings will strengthen your social bookmarking credibility. These activities will provide more exposure for you and your site and pages, too.,As you can see, how to use social bookmarking is not as complicated you or other people might have thought it is. In fact, it only takes sheer common sense for you to be able to utilize social bookmarking to drive traffic into your site

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