This is a book I wish I had read well before now, it’s a short book at only 249 pages, don’t let that put you off as it is packed with a lot of useful information. The book I am writing about is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. I went online and bought a copy from Amazon, and finished it very quickly after it had arrived.,Robert Kiyosaki gained his perspective through two opposite influences during his childhood. Poor Dad was his well educated farther, while Rich Dad was the farther of his best friend. I think most people will understand Poor Dad in one way or another, as his story is the traditional one of get a good education get a good job, get into debt and finally get screwed by the government, while never having any free time or money. While Rich Dad could be assumed to be an unscrupulous man who only ever thinks about money and is therefore immoral. These stereotypes are pretty normal and should be disregarded, as the book should be read with an open mind. Rich Dad is a self made man with a high level of financial intelligence and know how.,The book contains 10 chapters, six of which are titled as different lessons, for example, Lesson Six – Work to learn, not to make money. By reading this book you will come to establish that the majority of people work for money while the rich make money work for them, why owning assets can generate an income, and that the best asset is your brain!,One point in the book showed me that McDonald’s owns more real estate than the Catholic Church, wow how things have changed in so little time. Rich Dad Poor Dad is the starting point for anyone looking to control their future and improve their life. So go get yourself a copy and starting changing your life today.

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