Basically, there are two types of property investment. Most property investors combine the two strategies, for obvious reasons, but in the interests of clarity they are -,Traditionally, investors focus on this type of investment in a slow market. People get back to the basics and want their properties to pay for themselves on a monthly basis, and to pay to the landlord his monthly profit margin,,For many, especially those who intend to sell on in the short term this strategy carries significant risks.,Most apparently that instead of appreciating the market collapses and the property has neither an attractive cashflow, nor the potential for profit in the short term.,So now that we understand the two different ways to invest in property, I’m sure you will agree that “cashflow” is the only way to go. If you can acquire something with strong cashflow, plus the potential for capital growth, well then that’s icing on the cake – and this is really what you should be going for.,Okay, so we’re investing for cashflow. Preferably as much as we can get. Well, you may or may not know this but the some of the most astronomical returns on your investment can be achieved from online property, that’s right websites.,Set up your website online. Figure out how to monetize it, how to make it produce a consistent monthly income and then go and set up another one and monetize it. Before you know it, you’re an online property tycoon with multiple streams of online income from your numerous websites.,One of the guys that I know, who recently spoke at our last seminar told me that he has over 700 websites, and this guy knows how to make money. If he’s making a $100 per site per month, and for him that would be extremely conservative he’s making over $70,000 a month from his online property portfolio.,Get this, property whether online of off is pretty much numbers. Its knowing the numbers you want, and knowing how to improve those you don’t. I suppose that pretty much describes all types of businesses.,To make it extremely clear the next property boom that has only just begun is in online property – websites. Don’t hesitate, figure it out and make your fortune.,Because its happening, right now in every minute, and the best time can only ever be now, so decide that you’re going to take part, and enjoy a warm and bright future.

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