Everybody has a conflict going on in their mind. Hardly any have the confidence or the training to cope with this constant turmoil. The conflict revolves around money. Is wealth evil? Aren’t rich people unscrupulous and corrupt?,Their are those who feel uncomfortable wanting money. Or the conflict may surround deserving money. Some feel as if they would obtain wealth by working at what they get pleasure from, it won’t seem like they have worked hard enough for what they have received. It keeps going on and on, around and around.,We create these kinds of messy lives ourselves.,Fortunately, in this day and age, we can do something about it. We can learn how to cope by applying proven principles. A gentleman named Brad Yates, developed a systematic approach to resolve any conflict around money. This program will free the weight on your back that has been holding you down.,Confidence training, systematically, teaches that the lack of abundance in any area of our life, is due to our own inner resistance. We can change our mindset to start this positive flow.,One way to do this is to make an IOU to the universe. Instead of trying to be a magnet for good energy/money into our lives through deep desires, we can do this the other way around. We can create lots of worth through our goods and services. Give them freely to the world, and put the world on a pay later plan. This generates value for others.,This value can be in the form of intangibles, such as compassion, love, inspiration.,If everybody you meet feels better after meeting you, the world is a better place. Sooner or later you’ll receive more than you give away. There is even a video made about this exact issue called the the “Impression of Increase”. This video says that you should leave behind the impression of increase everywhere you go and with everyone you meet.,It has been said that before you do something, you must be something.,It follows that by just being, not doing, you could boost your career. Just focus every part of your awareness on being something, and waiting. Stop and tune into signs of inspiration before you start a project. Turn your attention to higher values such as compassion, love, or inspiration and put them in your endeavor to increase its inherent worth.,Deep inside us we know that we were never meant to be small and ineffective.,Our career or position does not define us, but our essence is made up of that person inside us that longs for increase in the outer world.,Confidence training will help us find our purpose in life. We will be connected to the source of inspiration before we do anything. We will be driven by purpose and love in all our endeavors.

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