Financial freedom is only a dream for most people. They want it, they desire it, they think about it, but they never quite figure out how to attain it. Many people do not even know what real financial freedom is, which is more than money alone. Having money can make you free from stresses and worries created by financial lack, but to be truly free you also need to be free from the obligation to work. When you have created a situation in which you can live your life without having to work, all while enjoying enough prosperity to pay for the lifestyle that you honestly desire to live, then you have become financial freed. Most people do not even think that this is possible. Most people have it engraved in their minds that making money has to be a hassle, that it requires a lot of time and work, and that building wealth is out of their grasp. But it does not need to be this way. But first you need to get out of your head the idea that financial freedom is unattainable.,Have you ever wondered why some individuals work hard all their lives, spending many hours each and every day at a job they hate, and never become financially free, and yet others are able to work a mere fraction of the time and still they earn substantial amounts of money? The real difference lies in the ways that these individuals earn money. Most people earn money from a single source, like a job for example. They also earn money by trading their time for it. They get paid strictly based on the number of ours they put in. But wealthy, financially free people earn money in a much more powerful and efficient manner. They do not earn money from a single source, and they do not trade their time for money.,The real key to a lifetime of unlimited financial abundance is to create passive income streams. A passive income stream is a perpetual source of money, a source of income that works for you rather than you working for it. This is what allows individuals to become financially free. When you have passive income you can work less and earn more. And because it is passive, you are not trading your time for money, and therefore you have no limit to the amount that you can earn. You can continually add new income streams, building an ever growing income.,You can use two basic modes of passive income; investments and business. Investing money into reliable investing vehicles can be a great way to make your money work for you. But not everyone has a lot of money to invest. But creating passive income does not need to take a lot of money, or any at all. You can create a simple home or internet based business for free and develop reliable streams of automatic income. For example, you can begin a website or blog and use it to host Google ads and promote affiliate products. A single site can be used for multiple income streams. And as you begin to have extra income, you can invest it into additional passive sources of income like storage units, vending machines, and rental real estate.

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