The fact of the matter is the Irish can and will survive this recession, and any other one that’s thrown at us ever. The Irish are survivors, fighters and as the saying goes, tough times don’t last but tough people do.,But, if you’re like me you won’t be interested in just surviving. We’ve got one shot at this life and we owe it to give it our absolute best, living it to the full and enjoying every precious second.,In a nutshell, to prosper and thrive (rather than just survive), we’ve got to do something different. We are entering a time of extraordinary change where much of what we know no longer fits the current world we live in. Like the industrial revolution we are now entering a technological revolution.,Information is now delivered at light speed, mobile phones, texts, the internet, blue tooth, skype, 3G – you name it. Things will never be the same again. Potential opportunity awaits as you open each email. Its now possible to make more money in a day, that many people in the old paradigm earn in a lifetime, and it behoves us to seize these chances for a better life.,The penny has dropped with big business, and they’re automating as much as they can. They’re downsizing, digitalising and nanoising everything. They don’t want to employ as many people as they used to, and in many ways this is good. It frees people up to pursue other ways to make a living and to further contribute to the world we live in.,The way forward is going to be through taking personal responsibility for own future, for your financial well being and that of your family. Government or the state or some big employer is categorically not going to look after you. But they never were really, that was just a myth.,The future is a wave of small home businesses across Ireland delivering specialised services and products to customers all over Ireland, the UK, Europe and the world. The internet is going to play a huge part in this business transformation, and believe me its only getting started, because we’re only getting started.,This business model will feature heavily the network marketing goods and services, particularly health products. The reason why this will work will be because while we currently have much of the technology to serve every problem that we have ever invented, too few of us know how to use it, how its relevant. Network marketing works in that it recruits raving fan customers to sell its goods, and encourages support between members. Who knows better how a product works and how if at all its relevant to you than a raving fan.,The internet with its teleseminar and webinar capabilities will be the chosen medium for delivering messages to the masses, and internet marketing is predicted to explode.,The thing is we have choice, we have options, we have free will. We always do, and we can choose to stay exactly where we are and wait until things go back to the way they were, or we can step forward and embrace our future, knowing that to do this we must change, by beginning to learn the new way and starting to do things differently.

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