In an industry where tremendous wealth can be made, the attainment of success can never be easy. There is no such thing as a ‘get rich overnight’ business. Fortunes are made, but it takes time and effort plus a whole lot of patience.,Network marketing provides the greatest chance for an average person to reach whatever level of success they want. If you plant your seeds right, the fruits of your labour and patience will provide a bountiful reward. The key concept in this business is DUPLICATION. If you project a winning attitude, teach your downlines or prospects how the system works and most importantly, show them the RIGHT way to do it, they will be more inclined to follow your pattern of success and replicate this to their downlines.,Here are a few Do’s and Don’t’s to remember when teaching your downlines:,Do’s,• Do teach them to let their friends and family know what they are doing. While people do make a decision based on emotion, you are better off referring the business based on a solid informed decision versus a hyped one.,• Do teach them not to let their friends and family discourage them. This is probably the most important thing to teach a new person. People can be sceptical if they are misinformed or lack information about the business. Let your downlines know that if ANYONE has succeeded at ANYTHING, they can too!,• Do teach them how the compensation plan works. They need to know how to get paid and they need to be able to explain it to others. Do provide support for them and teach them to provide support for their downlines.,Don’t’s,• Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. This is a tough one for most people. But it is in your and your downlines’ best interest to use the proven things that got you and your upline to where you are.,• Don’t have your prospects sign-up and then eventually abandon them. Provide your downlines with the business-building education and tools they need so they will eventually be self-supportive and teach their downlines to do the same thing.,• Don’t try to build anyone’s business or tell them you will. This will only create a group of people who expect you to do their work for them. By all means help them, answer questions and be a good Sponsor or upline but DON’T spoon-feed otherwise your downlines will not move at all.,Remember, duplication starts with YOURSELF. Lead from the front and be the person you want your people to be, and later on it will be hard to put a stop to the kind of growth this duplication can bring you.

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